On Mental Health

It's a topic that's becoming less stigmatised, but mental health is still something that people talk about in hushed tones. Unlike telling people about that time you broke your leg while skateboarding, talking about your recent panic attack or your growing depression still isn't really seen as accepted conversation. It takes people standing up and... Continue Reading →


Why I’m Glad I Moved Out of Home for Uni

For those who are unaware, I am not from Melbourne. I am from Perth (although born in Hobart, so if you're Tasmanian and reading this, hello cousin!). Unlike some other countries, it's less common in Australia to pick a university in another state and move out of home than it is to stay in your home... Continue Reading →

2018: No I’m not a doctor yet

2018, it's almost over. I'm getting a head start on the whole new year, new me thing by restarting the blog (for a second time, I know) before the year ends. And what better way to restart than looking at the highlights of the year that's almost finished. Quick highlights summary (the short version of... Continue Reading →

Why Everyone Should Ride a Bike

Ok, so I might not be the most unbiased voice on this topic, being part of the lycra-clad, pedal-pushing crowd. But I’m sure I can be objective enough to convince you that bikes are great. The benefits of cycling are so numerous that I’m sure I can convince even the most anti-cyclist amongst you that... Continue Reading →

Turning Points

Turning point: a time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs, especially one with beneficial results This year, I'm involved in a mentoring program through uni. At the first workshop, we were given some questions to help generate discussion and start the mentor-mentee relationship. One of them asked us to name three turning points in our lives... Continue Reading →

Mistakes Will Happen (feat. doughnuts)

This post was a long time coming (as evidenced by the gap between posts). I was originally going to write a post about finding a balance in life, then realised I was really writing about making mistakes. Mistakes happen, there's no denying it. Or rather, that's what we do. We humans are very prideful creatures,... Continue Reading →

8 Things I’ve Learned At The Hospital

You'd hope I'd learn things at the hospital, considering that's why I go. But apart from the expected things, like how to work out why patients are sick, what to do if they are sick, and other medical stuff, I've learned some important lessons. So, since I'm so benevolent, I'm going to share these tidbits of... Continue Reading →

Wait, You Have a Blog?

Yes, yes I do. And it's been lazing around, growing fat for far too long. No more shall my voice be quietened, no more shall the important things I have to say remain unsaid. Like Jesus from the tomb (rather good timing on my part), the blog shall be resurrected once more. I hear the beginnings of... Continue Reading →

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